Frühere Referenten und Referentinnen

- Dr. Sarah Nouwen (University of Cambridge): Tensions between the Pursuit of Individual Criminal Accountability and Other International Policy Agendas in Situations of Armed Conflict (12. Dezember 2019)

- Dr. Alexandra Dufresne (ZHAW): "Treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors": Should President Trump be removed from office on impeachment? (21. November 2019)

- Dr. des. Odile Ammann (UZH): Lobbying and Domestic Lawmaking Processes (14. November 2019)

- Prof. Dr. Franz Mayer (Universität Bielefeld): Die Europäische Union als Präsidialregime (31. Oktober 2019)

- Prof. Kathleen Claussen (University of Miami): U.S. Trade Exceptionalism (24. Oktober 2019)

- Prof. Dr. Christine Kaufmann (UZH): The OECD Guidlines for Multinational Enterprises in the age of digitalisation: member- or technology-driven? (3. Oktober 2019)

- Prof. Dr. Michael Ambühl (ETHZ): Institutionelles Abkommen Schweiz-EU (26. September 2019)