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Institute for International Law and Comparative Constitutional Law Lehrstuhl Keller

Ursula Brunner Lecture Series

Upcoming Events

14 May 2024: Sixth Ursula Brunner Lecture with Prof. Christina Voigt

On Tuesday, 14 May 2024, we are pleased to welcome Prof. Christina Voigt (Oslo), who will be holding the sixth Ursula Brunner Lecture. More information will be made available here.

22 September 2023: Fifth Ursula Brunner Lecture with Prof. Lavanya Rajamani

On Friday, 22 September 2023, Prof. Dr. Lavanya Rajamani (University of Oxford) spoke on the topic of "Future-proofing the UN Climate Regime in a Rapidly Warming World". More information about this Lecture, including a video recording, is available here

About the Brunner Lecture Series

The Ursula Brunner Lecture Series was initiated in 2021 by Prof. Dr. Helen Keller, Prof. Dr. Johannes Reich, and Dr. Corina Heri in honour of the late Dr. Ursula Brunner († 2019), a distinguished lawyer and legal academic who contributed prolifically to the development of environmental law in Switzerland. The lecture series is dedicated to the relationship between environmental law and human rights, especially in the context of the climate crisis. Aiming at a multidisciplinary perspective, we invite distinguished speakers to share their views on some of the most pressing issues in the field to which the lecture series is devoted.

More information on the overall lecture series is available here.