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Institute for International Law and Comparative Constitutional Law Lehrstuhl Keller


General Information on Seminars and Master's Theses

Prof. Dr. iur. Keller regularly offers seminars and, on these occasions, supervises a limited number of Bachelor's and Master's theses. Detailed information regarding the seminars can be obtained from the Vorlesungsverzeichnis and from the Faculty's dedicated registration tool. Students interested in writing a Master's theses in the context of a seminar taught by Prof. Keller are asked to turn to her assistants.

Seminar on "Communicated Cases (and their Solutions) before the ECtHR"

In the spring semester of 2024, Prof. Keller will give a seminar on "Communicated Cases (and their Solutions) before the ECtHR" together with Dr. Corina Heri. The seminar will take place in English and offer places for both Bachelor-level and Master-level students. All information on this seminar, including a course description and list of topics, can be found here.