Edition 20/21

John H. Jackson Moot Court Competition 2020/21


Moot Court

A Moot Court competition is an extracurricular course, offered at many law schools, in which participants take part in simulated court proceedings. Moot Courts focus on the application of the law in a given field to a common set of evidentiary assumptions to which the competitors must be introduced. The competing teams are assigned to the role of the defendants' or plaintiffs' counsel. They prepare written submissions and plead in front of expert judges.

Mooting is an excellent opportunity for law students to develop written and oral advocacy skills, to compete with students from law schools all over Europe, and to meet practitioners and jurists in their chosen field of law.


International Trade Law/WTO

International trade law includes the appropriate rules and procedures for handling trade between countries or between private companies across borders. The World Trade Organization (WTO) oversees the implementation, administration and operation of important international trade rules and provides a binding mechanism for its members to settle their trade-related disputes. Over the past twenty years, international trade law has become one of the fastest growing areas of international law.


Working Procedure

The John H. Jackson Moot Court Team (min. 2 and max. 4 students) will manage the preparation, the compiling of the written submission and the oral pleading as a group in an independent fashion. Prof. Matthias Oesch and Rika Koch will assist the team on a regular basis with academic and organizational support.



The Moot Court is designed for advanced students in law with a specific interest in international (economic) relations and dispute resolution at the international level. As the language of the written submissions and the oral pleadings is English, a good command of English is required.

Knowledge of international economic law as well as knowledge of international law in general is of advantage, but not required. Since the University of Zurich offers lectures in WTO law on an irregular basis, it is planned that students will be given an introduction into this field of international law.


Timeline (prov.)

August 2020

Getting basic knowledge of WTO law

September 2020

Competition launch and publication of the case
on the website

November 2020

Deadline for clarification requests on the case

January 2021

Deadline to submit the written submissions

March 2021

Regional selection round with oral pleadings in a European city

June 2021

For qualified teams: international final oral
round which is expected to take place at the
WTO Headquarters in Geneva



The preparations, written submissions and oral rounds during the fall and spring semester 2020/2021 will be rewarded with 18 ECTS.



It is planned that all travel and hotel expenditures as well as conference and participation fees will be covered by the University of Zurich and sponsors.



Prof. Dr.iur. Matthias Oesch


Veena Manikulam, MLaw, LL.M.



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