International Economic Law

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Thursday 12:15 - 13:45 RAI F-041

The class of 8.5. is postponed to 9.5., 12:15-13:45. The class will take place in room SOD-1-104.

For general information please take note of this document:

Course Syllabus 2014 (PDF, 44 KB)

Introduction to International Economic Law (Prof. Kaufmann)


Economic Fundamentals

  • Introduction
  • The Theory of the Comparative Advantage
  • Monetary Systems and Exchange Rates, Balance of Payments

Reading Assignments Additional Reading
  • Text No. 1 Jost Delbrück
  • Text No. 2 Adam Smith
  • Text No. 3 David Ricardo
  • Most important: Text No. 4 Alan O. Sykes
  • Text No. 5 David Rodrik
  • Text No. 6
    Paul Krugman
  • Text No. 7
    Paul Samuelson
27.2./ 6.3.
The World Financial Order - A Historical and Contemporary Perspective (Prof. Grünewald)
Historical Background
  • Treaty of Versailles
  • Atlantic Charter and Bretton Woods

IMF and World Bank

  • Organization and decision-making
  • Conditionality

International Monetary Policy

Responding to the Fincancial and Economic Crisis

Reading Assignments Additional Reading
Trade - The Law of the WTO (Prof. Grünewald)

Institutional Framework of the WTO

  • From GATT to WTO
  • Objectives and functions
  • Organization and decision-making


  • Most-favored-nation treatment
  • National treatment

Dispute Settlement

  • Principles
  • Institutions
  • Proceedings
Reading Assignments Additional Reading
Trade and Environmental Protection (Prof. Grünewald)

Historical Overview of International Environmental Protection

Environmental Measures under WTO Law

  • Environmentally-unfavorable process and production methods
  • Extraterritoriality of environmentally favorable regulations
  • "Environmental exemptions" of Art. XX GATT

SPS Agreements

  • Harmonization: The benchmark of international standards
  • Risk assessment
  • Consumer rights to protection?
Reading Assignments Additional Reading


No class on 10.4.! 17.4./
class of 9.5. takes place in room SOD-1-104
Investment (Prof. Kaufmann)


Customary International Law

  • Before World War I
  • Breakdown of the consensus
  • The classical Western view
  • Theory and practice
  • The UN's attempts to codify customary international law

Developments in jurisprudence

  • International Court of Justice
  • National courts

Evolving standards of international law

  • International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)
  • Multilateral Investement Guarantee Agency (MIGA)
  • Protection of investment under NAFTA
Reading Assignments Additional Reading
Labour in International Economic Law (Prof. Kaufmann)

Establishment of the International Labour Organisation

  • The Treaty of Versailles
  • Prospective Developments

Core Labour Standards

Reading assignments Additional reading